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Positive Influenceš Positive Influenceš inspires Positive change by persistently developing and strengthening as an efficient informative organization derived to assist artists with the desire to materialize their dreams and aspirations professionally for contribution to the entertainment industry.


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"Welcome any and all who visit! You have found, PoSiTiVe InFlUeNcEš an organized way to provide uplifting enjoyment to all gathering. Positive Influenceš was created by the desires to correct the discomforting feelings, to reduce the hatred and corruption and to return Peace this world once had secure." "This journey is on the early pages of it's long voyage. The goodness in our hearts invite you to climb away from the dark holes of indecision and uncertainty to join in the empowerment of Positive. There is a world of light available to any who envision a bright future and make it happen. Allow these warming energies to open up a new world of discovery to the limitless imaginations within."

Faint glow in the distance Where the abiss gets lighter Like a spark to a flame The ideas get brighter Pull close all the shining Start feeling the warmth We all can be joyous Allow dreams to be formed
Positive Influenceš desires happiness for all who follow and all who have a yearning to be free in belief. Suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated, they can be submitted via the CONTACT Page (link located at the top of this page). The efforts of this movement are forever ongoing and will not loose the enormous faith it started with. The Faith behind this revolution is internally powerful, fearlessly pulling the deepest strengths from inside that some may describe as a phenomenon.

The past is the past and the future is coming, we have the present today and a chance to do right. We all have a mind in our skulls that can choose to help the world, choose to be unique, choose to be a contributor to change. Only one specific force is opposing, there is one entity that doesn't require existence in this world of natural beauty and unconditional love for each other, Negatives. If there is a will to do anything in this life we were blessed with, it's to outgrow the immature weakness subjecting our attention to a negative, the evil of our lives. Learn from mistakes, and take every next step to rise above.